The musical adventure begins………

if one is starting an adventure and would like the world to come along for the ride, what better place to begin than with a blog……this is my musical adventure…..i had this idea of forming a band …a virtual band…with members in other places and make music,collaborate and initially just to have fun……fun and then the idea to go public became an itch….the musicians are top notch and play different genres….the inspiration came to me from watching and listening to “the spam allstars” in miami… a group of musicians,leaders of bands of different genre’s, grouping to make a band…a successful band at that…..from local to national and now international…..i was having fun collaborating with some musicians at this musicians web site….playing all kinds of music ,learning new genres and having,…well…fun…..the itch came to me when i did a collaboration with bassist andrew kopr from atlanta and guitarist gary wooten from connecticut…the music sounded so good i thought it could go commercial….and so i started to scratch the itch… plans for the band, if all goes well, is to create both vocal and instrumental music that incorporates modern rock,pop and jazz sensibilities with much adventure in the sound, mix and playing……to get a taste of the initial instrumental “slingers” go to SLINGERS….and to hear a vocal track go here: DO THAT ………..


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2 Responses to “The musical adventure begins………”

  1. AK Says:

    Let’s do it!!~!

  2. John Chakeres Says:

    Hey McBoy, just came across your blog. Glad to see you are still at it and doing collabs. I haven’t done anything at MJ for ages, been busy with teaching and other photo related stuff. Still interested in working with you on a song that sees the light of day. Hope all is well with you,

    John aka chak

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