An afternoon of vocal track recording……

” everything counts” is the motto of “Mcboy” the real/virtual band….this past saturday 10/04/08 i had the pleasure of recording a vocal track for my virtual bands album with a most fascinating and talented young woman….her name, and i’m sure its one that i’m convinced will do the rounds in pop music, is antoinette symonette…..she has a talent for lyric writing and singing in various genre’s….i was left speechless after she came over to my studio and wrote the lyrics and sang the song to my composition in 2 hours flat….not an easy task……she gave my composition,originally meant to be an alt-rock leaning song…a complete makeover without me changing a single note or beat….her voice can sound like beyonce to amy winehouse to anything in between,around,above, or below…….my album with 5 tracks already done , is comprised of rock instrumentals and vocal tracks ranging from david bowie like stylings from one singer to red hot chili peppers from another,…ms. symonette adds the female vocalist touch to an otherwise heavy improvisational instrumental band……when she arrived at the studio we discussed what kind of lyrics…the, hate..hope…..i finally decided to give her artistic freedom and see what she could do lyrically….wowwwww…..she rocked the studio and left me ……..speechless…..jaw on the floor… is an mp3 of her during the warmup session prelude to recording The Sign


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