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another leg…..

March 14, 2009

another leg in the journey to have the virtual band’s music available worldwide has been hurdled… has finally been uploaded to tunecore….within 2-3 weeks it should be on itunes…amazon..rhapsody…etc….so many last minute tweaks have delayed the upload that i finally screamed relief when the last mix ,a remix o of the intrumental  “Slingers” (my first internet collaboration with guitarist gary wooten and guitarist “scorpjammer” aka erwin colon), was finally done…wheeew….i added a bass solo and removed a guitar solo to give the track some balance…it still retains all the energy and excitement of the original with the added twist of being mastered with the plugin “Ozone 3”, giving it a new sheen and sound…..the goal of the album besides collaborating with players residing in different parts, was to see and hear what could be done outside the traditional studio environment…..i have been enlightened and delighted at the evolution of home based studios…it has been a learning experience all the way….